About SG Sheet Piling

About Us

As the country's leading steel sheet piles company, we provide free geotechnical engineering design, immediate stock for fast delivery and onsite driving. We offer a wide range of hot rolled sheet piles SHZ section and FSP type, cold formed sheet pile SGU, SGZ and SLL section with the most competitive price in the market and approved by JPS, JKR and local authorities.

The steel sheet piles of SG Sheet Piling are widely used in many applications (port and harbour structures, river bank protection, flood control, slope protection, reclamation and cofferdam) and have acquired high market acceptance due to their excellent product quality and fast installation.

Our SHZ hot rolled sheet piles had been predominantly used for the waterfront related projects and river works in Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak so far.They are produced in Malaysian Standard MS 2674-1&2:2017 and approved by SIRIM and CIDB.

We provide customization on steel grade, length and customized profiles other than those shown to meet the specific project requirement.

Our Services - Design & Engineering Support

Free Geotechnical Engineering Design & Support

  • Our dedicated and experienced engineering professionals able to provide analysis and calculations on new proposal or design optimization
  • Shop drawings with plan and sections, construction detailing such as tie rod, waler and capping beam
  • Assistance and recommendations on pile installation methods and driving equipment
  • Fabrication corner piles and special corner sections
  • Protection methods against corrosion by coating, encased in concrete, cathodic protection

Our Services - Sales, Stock & Service Center

  • Comprehensive & immediate stock
  • Sales & buyback
  • Lease material
  • Special fabrication
  • Sand blasting & coating facility
  • Logistics